• Tuesday , 19 January 2021

AV Display Innovation of the Year



Almost all large format displays are similar in shape and size, like traditional TVs. Anyone who has been near, or grown up with TVs has learned to not touch them. CTOUCH’ patent-pending ‘CTOUCHABLE’ design invites the user to touch the screen and interact:

  1. Sturdy rubber edge with appealing colors. Each colour has its own purpose.
  2. Implementation of soft textile that invites touch.
  3. Interactive touchbar with control functions (CTOUCH button – Mute button – Volume slider)

This design system helps teams build high-quality touch experiences for large, interactive displays, as opposed to traditional ‘not-allowed-to-touch’ TVs. That way, we stimulate engagement by design from three perspectives: from a far distance, from an intimate distance and into the digital space. https://ctouch.eu/ctouchable

  1. Innovation – World’s first implementation of textiles on touchscreens in IFPD market, with functionality by design.
  2. Engagement – stimulates engagement and interactivity.
  3. Design – amazing design with intentional colour choices.
  4. Functional – slide bar and menu buttons all integrated
  5. Character – fits into variety of meetingrooms and markets


The LED Studio 

Edge 55”

The LED Studio was founded by Rob Bint in 2010. It has grown to be one of the largest designers and manufacturers of LED screens in Europe. At their 35,000 square foot showroom and operations centre in Swindon, they display a massive range of screens from fine pitch to advanced outdoor billboards. With all designs in-house, they are able to react quickly to individual client needs, offering a white label service to integrators.

A large part of their work is OEM for many well-known LED brands.

The LED Studio leads where others follow (or imitate): 2021 introduces their 55” single die-cast LED videowall cabinet, designed to replace ageing LCD solutions and set to dominate the market with up to 32 inputs on the controller and a 10-year lifespan. This, along with the P0.7 65” full HD cabinet and the ground-breaking Fusion Billboard, places them at the cutting edge of technology.

Nowhere else is a client able buy a fine-pitch LED screen from over 500 square metres kept in stock: all UK warranty from HQ, with no dealing with shipping and imports: the LED Studio operation is “see it and buy it”.

Due to announcements from LG and Samsung who are pulling away from LCD manufacture in the near future, The LED Studio and their production partner VOD Visual, decided a replacement was needed for the popular 55” LCD screen size. This sized panel has been the best seller for many years, not just as a stand-alone display for use in digital signage applications such as menu boards and in retail environments, but in control rooms and other videowall displays. The LED Studio wanted to offer the complete solution, with both 55” panel as well as a true multi-input videowall controller. Many LED screens are incorrectly labelled videowalls, but this is the first true LED videowall that can directly replace the aging LCD.

It is based on their one-piece, die cast 55” cabinet that will accept a number of pixel pitches from P0.9 to P2.5 to allow for various budgets in retail through to mission critical control room situations.

The cabinets mount directly together and will fit directly to any wall creating a slimline profile, saving the expensive costs of a traditional videowall mount, being front service. Also, there will be no expensive bezel damage during install as there aren’t any.

The cabinets will also accept the traditional VESA mount if being used as stand-alone monitors.

Due to the difficulties in colour balancing traditional LCD screens combined with the short lifespan, harder individual component servicing and lower brightness, it is obvious of the advantages when it comes to LED and its 10 year lifespan.

As for the Vodex controller, this can be supplied with anywhere between 2 and 32 inputs giving the user complete flexibility for display and programming. You are not bound by the traditional borders of the individual screens and can place any image anywhere, just like a vision mixer. It is possible to zoom in on any image, add tiles to individual displays and pre monitor sources with picture in picture display and titles.

With prices comparable to LCD just the life cycle of the product and reduced running costs make this the right display decision in 2021

  • Zero Bezel – Unlike traditional LCD videowalls that have bezels between 0.3 and 1.5mm, these LED cabinets butt together with zero gap to obtain an image more like a traditional LED screen.
  • 10-year lifespan – One of the problems of LCD has been the short, and not very green lifecycle of the product. 4-5 years has been the traditional replacement period. This combined with the ‘replace rather than repair’ mantra from the manufacturers has ensured a steady stream of LCD in landfill. With LED individual pixels and panels can easily be replaced giving double the lifecycle.
  • Up to 32 inputs – A typical videowall will have a single HDMI input, normally used for just one big picture, but with the multi-input flexibility of our controller, be it DVI, HDMI or other direct interface, not only is this great for mission critical control room situations but may well bring back a return to the art of videowall programming that created such eye-catching displays on TV and in exhibitions.
  • Low eco running costs – an LCD screen uses a fairly constant power drain from the moment it is switched on whatever brightness. Today’s smart LED panels only draw current when needed in certain sections of the image. This means that LED can use half the power normally required.
  • VESA mount compatible – The Edge 55” panel can be treated as a stand alone screen. Simply replace an existing screen and mount the new LED panel on the VESA mount.