• Tuesday , 19 January 2021

AV Project of the Year (Live Events)

 VFL Wolfsburg Arena


Vestel, the leading manufacturer of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances in Turkey, continues its prestigious projects with the VfL Wolfsburg Arena Project. Starting with the 2019/2020 season, the project is going to continue for at least two seasons with a possible extension afterwards.

VfL Wolfsburg is part of the German Bundesliga since 1997, having won the Championship in 2009 and the DFB Cup in 2015, is currently ranked second after game seven in this year’s season.

A new project is unveiled in VfL Wolfsburg Arena, powered by Vestel Signage Series. As the solution partner, Vestel offers impressive user experience, enabling VIP guests to watch the game, recaps, and press conferences from all tables and seats within the VIP areas with minimum transmission delay – all thanks to the new innovative solution offered by Vestel.

The close collaboration arose from VfL Wolfburg’s big focus on technical innovation to create a state of the art visual experience for their VIP customers; and after a thorough examination and reference checks, Vestel was identified as the right solution partner with its innovative approach and cutting edge technology.

The project started by the VfL Wolfsburg Arena getting equipped with 400 Vestel Professional Displays: in VIP areas, 49” screens will accompany the viewers for unforgettable game days and 55”, 65” and 75” displays in the lounges will enable audiences to reach all the available game information.

After this initial step, project includes further plans. Within the wide portfolio of product range, Vestel will bring Video walls, Totems and LED products into use and meet the exact needs of the Arena.

The system integration partner for the project is GHMedia whom Vestel has worked with for previous projects as well. GHMedia is converting the video signal into a UDP Multicast stream and have incorporated Vestel LAN Command API and the SoC Multicast capability into their proprietary control software.

The signal is processed into a LAN Multicast Stream and sent within a dedicated, separately switched media network using a fibre optic ring throughout the stadium without a need to have any additional hardware. The SoC handles the conversion of the Multicast Stream on board. Not only does this solution provide a fast way of delivering the signal to all screens at the same time with minimum transmission delay, but also it is a big gain in picture quality compared to the old coax cabling technology. Digitalization into Multicast packets, there is no quality loss due to cable length.

Vestel Signage Series creates a harmony with the spectacular design of the Arena’s interior and enable VIP customers to enjoy a technologically advanced experience as they watch the games. The cosmetic look and feel, picture quality, brightness and colours were assessed besides end-to-end interaction of hardware and software. Outside of game days, the displays will be used as informative screen.

Implementing a secure, and separately switched media network throughout the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Arena, and making sure the displays fit in the already beautifully designed interior of the Arena were some of the challenges the team faced during the project; but eventually the installation process was a success and the project was ready in time for the first game of the season. With Vestel’s experienced team on board, each seat now has perfect vision of the screens and the GHMedia control software is successfully passed to the control of the production team on site.

This huge project is the result of extensive planning, construction and integration carried out by the Vestel team who ensured that the project was moving forward seamlessly. Vestel focuses on offering its customers a great experience in all stages of the user lifecycle. This is a part of the unwavering vision of Vestel.


CIPR National Conference 2020 (Virtual)

SPARQ part of the Saville Group

Sparq, part of the Saville Group, are the dynamic technical event production specialist. No matter what the size or scale of the show, they work in close collaboration with clients to create stunning live and digital event experiences. Successfully pivoting to an entirely on-line offering at short notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their seamless 360 technical event production service starts from the concept of the event journey and ends with an extraordinary delivery. This successful reengineering was made possible by quickly expanding and restructuring the existing digital offering built on over ten years of experience delivering events across the globe.

Virtual event on a bespoke platform – Fusion – a new virtual events platform that blends gaming technology with 360 event production. Sparq can replicate an existing venue or create something completely out of this world, with 3D developers and modelers immersing delegates in a fully interactive, digital world. The Fusion team work to create, unique, extraordinary experiences built with limitless reality at their heart.

300 international attendees – CIPR saw over 300 delegates tune in from across the globe, including Mauritius, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia. The event was held across three- days allowing the attendees to login and view the content either live or on demand.

Live International Speakers – The event heard from 26 high profile speakers, seamlessly brought into the platform from their own homes from across the world including Australia and the USA. Bespoke environment – CIPR wanted to create a fully immersive and interactive environment unique to them and that’s exactly what was delivered. As well as easy access to valuable content and data, their environment showcased the ability to cater for viewer wellbeing and raised engagement by incorporating a virtual Escape Room, Wellness Area, and relaxing Aquarium.

Live social media feed – Showcased in the exhibition zone, attendees were encouraged to tweet live from the event using the chosen event hashtag to feature their conversations live on the Twitter rotunda featured in the centre, generating a massive buzz that was perfect for the event narrative.

Testimonials and references

“The Fusion platform really delivered an exceptional virtual experience. It was not just an online conference but a platform where all delegates could explore, engage and learn. I was impressed by the Fusion team’s willingness to be creative and bring my ideas to life, as well as offering their own, which made the project felt like a real partnership. Sparq and Imagin3D were also keen to hear feedback and act quickly to ensure our delegates had the best experience possible. The CIPR National Conference was a huge success this year and although we were nervous about delivering our first online event, we were confident that we had chosen the best platform available. Sponsors, delegates and staff were all impressed and have been speaking about the 2021 event already! “

Catherine Morgan, CIPR Events and Awards Manager


The Essence of EXPO 2020

Pixel Artworks and Dynamo LED Displays

Pixel Artworks designed and delivered the Middle East’s most ambitious AV installation for Expo 2020 in Dubai International Airport. A mixture of fixed and flexible LED products in a p2.5mm pixel pitch were specified and supplied by Dynamo LED Displays. The 169m2 LED installation is currently the largest LED display in the world’s busiest airport. Building 10 x 10m tall LED structures with over 32 million pixels, linked together by 9km of military grade fibre, Pixel Artworks created a visually stunning canvas for Expo 2020 to attract, excite and engage over 23 million visitors annually into DXB arrival hall. The ambitious project was designed and delivered within just 3 months and would not have been possible without the amazing team of creatives, engineers and suppliers who exceeded expectations by completing on time, on budget during the airports busiest time of the year in December 2019.

  • The ‘Essence of Expo 2020’ is an experiential AV installation housed in the arrival hall of Dubai International Airport – the world’s busiest airport.
  • Pixel Artworks were engaged by Expo 2020 to design and deliver an experiential activation to excite, engage and inspire the 23 million passengers who come into Dubai each year through the arrival hall in Terminal 3.
  • With just three months to design and deliver the project, receive full approval and certification for all designs and equipment, in a ‘live’ airport, in the run up to the festive period, Pixel Artworks and their partners were up against it from the start!
  • Working closely with Dynamo LED Displays, PixelArtworks quickly ideated a design which utilised the columns and central thoroughfare in the arrivals hall, creating 10 huge LED structures which tower over the audience creating a massive, unified display on which to show Expo 2020’s vision and ambition.
  • At the base of the 4 entry and exit columns, gigantic ‘halo’s’ were created using Dynamo’s p2.6mm flexible solution, providing a full, 360 degree wrap around screen to present the key content and messaging for the client.
  • The 32 million LED pixels were driven by 3 Disguise 4×4 Pro machines (2 live machines and 1 understudy) conected to the LED displays over 9km of military grade fibre optic cables.

10 Novastar 4k controllers (5 MCRTRL4K MASTERS, 5 MCLTRL4K Back Up) were configured for transmission with seamless redundancy. Used in conjunction with Novastar CVT Fibre extension system to achieve the required bandwidth. A state of the art 16-channel spatial audio system driven by Timax Soundhub via Dante provided an immersive 3D audio experience under each of the installation’s ‘halo’ screens. Pixel Artworks also developed a custom show-control user interface which ran on Medialon Showmaster Pro MkII, providing in-situ and remote control, monitoring and reporting across all of the installed systems, and providing integration into the airport’s BMS and alarms systems.

The installation had to go through the airport’s stringent approvals processes including; fire rating, civil and mechanical structural approval and electrical safety testing – a process which can take over three months on it’s own. Pixel Artworks and Dynamo’s in-house technical and engineering teams worked closely with the airport’s engineering and fit-out teams and Atkins Engineering to design and gain approval for a bespoke, standalone structural design which provided no additional structural load on the airport’s columns.

The displays are used as a canvas to display beautiful animations designed to show Expo 2020’s vision and key sub themes – Opportunity, Mobility & Sustainability. Pixel Artworks created three chapters of content – 9 minutes in total – taking the audience from ‘sand to the stars’ on a journey which played out across the pillars before bursting into life to present Expo 2020’s key campaign imagery and ‘World’s Greatest Show’ message.

This installation is not only the biggest AV project ever to be completed in the world’s busiest airport, it was designed and delivered on time and on budget, in just three months, before the airport’s busiest festive period. The activation sits front and centre for all of the 23 million passengers that arrive into DXB every year, it’s scale, beauty and narrative content is unmissable, an immersive selfie spot and the perfect welcome, from Expo 2020 to Dubai.

Testimonials and references

“We wanted to create an incredible experiential AV installation for travellers arriving into Dubai International Airport; initially to excite, inspire and engage people about Expo 2020 and then to convert and sell tickets to ‘The World’s Greatest Show’.

Working closely with DXB, we selected the arrivals hall in Terminal 3, which sees over 23 million passengers travelling through it each year. The arrivals hall is unique and iconic here in Dubai and hosts hundreds of columns which actually hold up the apron and A380’s above it! We quickly decided that we should base our activation around those columns. Because of the complex existing advertising and wayfinding landscape within the arrivals hall, we had to ensure that what we commissioned complimented the architecture and wasn’t just another bill board, but it also had to effectively inspire and inform our target market of our key messaging. We engaged Pixel Artworks to manage the design and installation of the whole experience from start to finish and we had a tight deadline to meet; ensuring that we were live for the airports busiest time – the festive period – which was just 3 months away. Pixel Artworks worked closely with my team and suppliers Dynamo LED Displays, disguise and Team Visual Solutions to create and procure 10 huge LED sculptures which towered above the first 10 columns as travellers make their way through immigration; an imposing and impressive array of screens which when linked together create a beautiful, exciting canvas.

To further provide us with the right real-estate for our messaging, Pixel Artworks designed 4 gigantic circular screens, creating an infinite loop of pixels for us to reach our audience throughout the arrivals hall. The scale, beauty and impact of the finished installation is breath-taking and provides us with the perfect informative canvas.

The professionalism, speed and quality of the delivery team was outstanding. Delivering all of this in just three months in such a complex environment is a massive achievement in itself.“ Anthony Ward – VP Marketing, Expo 2020.


Holopops Ultra
Kim Kardashian-West’s 40th Birthday Even

When it comes to lavish and extraordinary shows of adoration for his wife, Kanye West is a force to be reckoned with. In 2016 for Mother’s Day, Kim Kardashian-West received a casual wake-up call by none other than a group of female violinists and cellists performing in their living room. And for Valentine’s Day in 2019, Kanye asked Kenny G to serenade his leading lady in a room full of roses. Then it comes as no surprise that when Kim celebrated her 40th Birthday on a private island this year, Kanye stole the show once again with an unbelievable gift of a hologram of her late father, Robert Kardashian, presented on a Holopops Ultra Display System.

We sat down with Liz Berry, CEO of Hologramica and inventor of Holopops for her to talk us through the technology behind the magical and thoughtful gift. Liz explained, “Hologramica produces a lot of holograms, but mostly on a large scale in professional event spaces for which we usually design a bespoke solution. Lockdown and a remote, unknown hotel venue presented a unique set of challenges to creating what absolutely had to be a remarkable and powerful hologram experience. It demanded a high-quality solution that could travel on small planes to the island, and was simple to assemble, as the on-site team would not have seen or used the system before.”

Holopops Ultra was the obvious choice. It was designed to be portable and easy to rig by two people in just a couple of hours. Holopops just works, putting stunning life-size holograms into small spaces very cost-effectively. The system is composed of a patent-pending 3D Holonet; a highly reflective yet transparent surface which creates bright and convincing holographic effects, an Optoma ZH500UST ultra-short throw projector, a handful of lights, and an all-in-one housing and frame, which incorporates further proprietary technology to control unwanted projection spill which would otherwise ruin the effect. Liz concluded: “The show was an incredible debut for Holopops Ultra, and obviously we were very happy that Kim was so pleased. We don’t normally like to make our clients cry, but we make an exception for tears of joy!

“The reason we were able to execute this hologram so successfully is because of the ZH500UST. The list of benefits is endless. It’s so discreet: quiet, compact and lightweight, and the off-axis projection path allows the projector to be rigged above the top of the image, tucking it up into the roof above audience head-height. It has spectacular brightness, and an impressive ability to focus a very large picture, giving a sharp, life-size image. These features are central to the success of the Holopops Ultra.”

Testimonials and references

“The reaction of Kim and her sisters to Kanye’s unique gift demonstrates the power of communicating by hologram. Robert Kardashian was obviously pre-recorded content, but by utilising broadcast technologies, we can also create real-time, life-size holograms for business use. The ability to see and read body language as well as hear the words allows a far more effective messaging, and it’s an area in which we’re experiencing a lot of interest. Talking to live holograms sounds like science fiction, but it’s science fact, and by using Holopops, it just works” Liz Berry, CEO of Hologramica.