• Tuesday , 19 January 2021

Collaboration Innovation of the Year


The NC-X700 and the NC-X900 are new additions to Vivitek’s range of NovoConnect devices. Both add-on devices are ideally suited to those who already have a screen or a projector, but wish to enhance or extend their existing AV infrastructure with wireless presentation functionality, or maximise their screen use with digital signage.  Vivitek’snew models stand out in the market for facilitating more than just a wireless connection, and instead offer true collaboration. Users of the NC-X700 and the NC-X900 are able to share their content wirelessly from any device to the main screen.

  • Connection is simple, thanks to the NovoConnect App mirroring the content from mobile devices and laptops, facilitating BYOD and making it easy to bring ideas and content to a big screen. For enhanced convenience, NC-X700 and the NC-X900 users can also connect using theWindows 10 Miracast. In addition, NC-X900’s dual-WiFi capacity enables native Windows (Miracast), Mac OS and iOS (AirPlay), and Android (Google Cast) mirroring, eliminating the need of installing any software. Guests benefit from the convenience of the USB LauncherPlus, which is an optional extension for direct WiFi connectivity from any laptop.
  • As part of NovoConnect’s feature set, there is a complete suite of collaboration tools. Its functionality ranges from the ability to switch participants’ screens dynamically, to displaying up to four participants simultaneously. Meanwhile, advanced moderation functions help the meeting host to remain in control of the meeting agenda.
  • While meeting participants will enjoy the rich functionality of the new solutions, IT professionals will appreciate that all NovoConnect products offer advanced, built-in security features, which include AES 256 encryption, dual networks to separate guest and employee networks and password protected configuration. As an added bonus, the optional LauncherOne for laptop connectivity, ensures the solution’s true compliance to DLP policies and GDPR guidelines.
  • A key factor to the successful rollout of a wireless collaboration solution is ease of use and maintenance. All Novo products are designed to be integrated into the network and controlled centrally with the Remote Manager Software.
  • The NC-X700 and NC-X900 offer more than ‘just’ wireless collaboration. Both models add even more value by offering a seamless switch to digital signage in 4K resolution. Thanks to its built-in NovoDS digital signage, creating messages and company announcements is made easy through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This enables users to transform idle screens into active digital announcement boards to communicate messages, thus maximizing their investment.
  • The NC-X700 and the NC-X900 join the existing NC-X300, which is Vivitek’s super simple solution for any huddle room or small and mid-sized conference room.

Vivitek offers a full Novo Ecosystem of Add-On models as well as All-in-One solutions with NovoDisplay and NovoTouch flat panels which offer wireless presentation and digital signage combined.

The Novo Ecosystem provides one of the most comprehensive product lines designed to enhance any type of visual communication, whether it is for a meeting, digital signage – or both! – at the same time.


UX Pro

The Clevertouch UX Pro isn’t just a touch screen. Because Clevertouch created an all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem, combining the new UX Pro touchscreen, our integrated room-booking solutions and UC platform, it offers the user a solution that fits seamlessly into their existing setup. It provides a real-time collaborative workspace that enables participants to work together in an open environment while ensuring that the collaboration systems and the underlying networks remain secure with the added benefit of purchasing at one cost with no ongoing subscriptions. The UX Pro is also voice-activated, making it COVID friendly, and our interface is simple to use, meetings are faster to set up, quicker and more productive.

  • Industry-leading patented High Precision Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen yet with no lag, whether you’re using fingers, gloves or the dual recognition stylus. The screen can easily differentiate between palm erase, finger touch and stylus writing, which means there is no need to change settings mid-flow.
  • The UX Pro can be operated using a mobile device from anywhere in the room, removing the need to touch the panel which has become necessary during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The UX Pro can sync with the user’s cloud account so that they can work anywhere at any time.
  • The UX Pro comes with ‘Clever account’ profiles with an NFC sensor built into the bezel, allowing the user to tap their NFC card to instantly log in to their profile and continue where they left off.
  • The UX Pro is also environmentally friendly, using proximity sensors to boot up when someone enters the room, and switch off when the space is empty. As businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s an ideal addition to communications infrastructure.

Testimonials and references

“The Clevertouch UX Pro’s open platform approach allowed us to seamlessly integrated the units with our existing technology and software without compromising the security needs of our organisation. We have been blown away but the features and how quickly employees took to using the touchscreens. Ideas seem to flow more as a result, and there has been a definite change in how teams collaborate.” Mark Lewis, Senior Project Manager, Network Rail



Clickshare Conference

Simple, easy, wireless – that’s how ClickShare Conference shares your apps on the room display and connects them to the camera and speakers in the room for better hybrid meetings. ClickShare Conference allows users to enjoy seamless wireless conferencing from their laptop: it works wirelessly with your existing video conferencing system and USB peripherals – microphones, soundbars and cameras – without the hassle of having to use cables or adapters. This makes hybrid meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings. Meanwhile, remote participants get the best possible ‘almost in the room’ experience, with high quality audio/video interaction for engaging and interactive virtual meetings.

  • Enables users to deploy any conferencing platform (UC) to set up a conferencing session in any meeting room, local or remote, and invite employees, guests and remote joiners.
  • Triple agnostic: you can set up meetings from your own laptop, using your preferred conferencing software, and connecting to any hardware in a meeting room of your choice.
  • It takes less than seven seconds to wirelessly connect to a meeting room’s hardware and does not require cables or the installation of additional software and drivers to begin a session.
  • The technology is enterprise-grade, so it is highly secure, connected and cloud managed. Barco is the first manufacturer to have obtained ISO 27001 Certification for a technology of this nature, demonstrating its commitment to the highest international security standards.
  • The solution is accompanied by a ClickShare Conferencing Button and Collaboration App to deliver wireless connection and additional functionality and features.

Testimonials and references

“For us, ClickShare Conference is a consistent further development and addition to the previous ClickShare solutions. The topic of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), as well as the standardisation and simplification of meeting room installations, is becoming increasingly important to us, and the CX series came on the market at just the right time. The possibility to use the meeting room technology, with the communication solutions available on your own computer, is a great added value. In addition, the central management and updates of the components in the meeting room are becoming more and more of a focus for us.” Team Smart Workspaces Daimler AG.



BRIX collaboration solution

For the purpose of modern workplaces, CTOUCH have introduced a complete line-up of collaboration products that can be integrated into CTOUCH touchscreens. These products are called ‘BRIXes’. Each CTOUCH BRIX brings an interactive collaboration experience, depending on the end user’s needs. Companies will be able to upgrade or migrate to different BRIX collaboration solutions within their own meeting rooms. The BRIX family includes BRIX For Teams, For Zoom and PRO solutions. https://ctouch.eu/brix

  1. Cost saving: CTOUCH BRIX is a modular solution, meaning that companies can upgrade over time without the need for big additional investments
  2. Ease of use/adoption: CTOUCH BRIX helps the user with functionality that he truly needs, without overdoing it. So the user pays for what he needs, instead of paying for features he will not use in the near future.
  3. Sustainable: upgrading BRIXes instead of changing complete touchscreens has a huge positive effect on the lifetime of a touchscreen. Also the CO2 emission is positively impacted due to a lower need of producing new screens.



IntelliMix Room

The first audio processing software for Windows 10 PCs that is fully optimised for use with Shure networked system microphones is now available globally. Announced at Integrated Systems Europe, IntelliMix Room is a ground-breaking innovation in digital signal processing (DSP) for AV conferencing. IntelliMix Room is a software-based DSP that requires minimal customer setup or additional special hardware, which reduces the costs and footprint required to deploy premium AV conferencing. It can be deployed to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices that are already in-place to run popular software-based AV conferencing services, bringing premium audio to video conferences.

  • This new software-based approach also allows systems integrators to install more rooms, more easily, more consistently and more cost-effectively than traditional hardware-based DSP solutions.
  • Providing up to 16 channels of audio processing, IntelliMix Room deploys the same algorithms as Shure’s award-winning P300 IntelliMix Audio Conferencing Processor, but is installed on the same in-room PC as the conferencing soft codec.
  • IntelliMix algorithms are specifically designed to optimize the performance of Shure’s range of premium conferencing microphones such as the MXA910 ceiling array, MXA310 table array and Microflex Wireless.
  • IntelliMix Room aggregates and optimizes the audio output of multiple microphone sources and thus scales-up to support even more complex boardroom deployments.
  • With Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction, Automatic Mixing, Automatic Gain Control, and secure Dante routing, IntelliMix Room automatically produces a single channel of conference-ready audio.