• Tuesday , 19 January 2021

Digital Signage Innovation of the Year

Saturn visual solutions

AO Project

AO prides itself on being customer-focussed, progressive and challenging the norm. The company wanted to create a pilot of five physical stores that would complement its online offering and introduce the brand to those who wouldn’t normally buy white goods online. The stores needed to create a good first impression and support the positive & friendly nature of the AO brand. It was important that they not look or feel vastly dissimilar to AO’s online shopping experience. They also needed to showcase AO’s full offering without the stores feeling overloaded or cramped. AO knew what the store concept and layout should be, that they wanted to use digital signage to bring it to life and bridge the gap between the online and offline AO shopping experience, but not how they should do it.

“We considered the customer’s buying experience, how the offline store could enhance it, how it could be personalised, and developed a number of ideas for digital touchpoints within the store that evolved other tried-and-tested technical applications. We identified that when shopping for a TV it is important to be able to compare the different models’ sound and picture quality directly, and that some features would be more important than others, depending on what people liked to watch. We created an application that enables up to 21 different TV screens and sound bars to be synchronised together and used like a TV wall, or to be operated individually. AO staff can use a standard tablet device to switch between using the TV display as an exciting centrepiece to brand the store, or showcasing the picture and sound of individual TVs and soundbars.”

“To give shoppers a more personalised experience, we coupled this with a suite of AO-branded content that they could pick from to see how well each model would perform when showing the sort of content they liked to watch – i.e. films, cartoons, football games, and video games – and to experience the benefits of viewing it with a sound bar. We looked at how to make it more fun to shop for smaller electrical items like coffee machines and originally recommended a ‘lift and learn’ solution to show customers relevant product information on a screen when they picked up an item. However, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, we knew it had to be a contactless solution and developed ‘wave and learn’ instead, which uses customers’ hand movements to learn about a product. Shoppers navigate and select the product information they want to read by waving in the direction of a specific colour-coded motion sensor, thereby avoiding the potential for coronavirus contamination.”

To make the digital signage work harder and create a unique shopping experience, we used motion sensors throughout the store to change the content shown on screens, depending on the customers’ proximity to them. When customers are furthest from the screen, they are shown attention- grabbing branded messages to introduce the AO brand (“Come and say hello!”), showcase attractive offers, and display opening times. Mid-distance shoppers are shown offers related to the section of the store they are standing in. When customers stand directly in front of a screen, the content changes to ask what type of electrical goods they are interested in, then (using touchscreen) walks them through the buying considerations and shows them suitable products based on their requirements.

  • The AO stores experienced a disproportionate surge in sound bar sales, which have traditionally been hard to sell due to shoppers not appreciating the value of them.
  • Screens at the store’s exit, which invite shoppers for feedback (a recommendation from Saturn), found that 90% of customers loved the AO in-store shopping experience.

Testimonials and references

Daniel Kilday, Head Of Brand Delivery, AO.com

“We wanted a digital signage company that we could partner with. One that, like us, wanted to challenge the norm, could bring lots of experience and exciting ideas to the table and would be great to work with. Saturn has managed to exceed all of our expectations. What’s great about Saturn is that you can trust their advice and costings. They don’t hide costs, underestimate the time they need, or recommend cheaper hardware to artificially make their tenders look more attractive. They focus on delivering the best long-term value for money that they can, and on sticking to their promises. Saturn’s consultancy team was able to get under the skin of our business, understand our customers’ perspective, and work out what we wanted before we even knew it ourselves. We’ve been amazed at how good Saturn is at stretching what technology can do. The team focusses on what the ideal customer experience should be, then they look at what is available technology-wise and adapt and evolve it as appropriate.”

“Our stores look absolutely amazing. Our interactive TV wall is a huge differentiator between AO and every other electrical goods retailer. Our customers love that they can pick and choose which content and screens they want to watch and get a real sense of the quality and value of each one. We love that our customers can use it to get the product that’s 100% right for them. Because all the signage is digital and Saturn is so responsive, we can be really agile with our stores. We can choose to have a promotion on a Monday, and by Tuesday it can be live in stores, which obviously wouldn’t be possible with standard POS.


dvLED FE Series

NEC’s FE Series LED Bundles are complete solutions for different-sized digital canvases starting at 110’’, with 6 fine pixel pitch options (1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.1 mm and 3.8 mm) ensuring optimum display resolution regardless of viewing distance. Native HD, FHD and UHD resolutions are achieved through configuration of multiple 16:9 modules allowing excellent scalability to fit the available space. Equally capable of wall-mounted, free-standing or integrated installation, the modular ‘off-the-shelf’ LED solutions provide scalable, seamless deployment and superb visualisation wherever businesses need it.

We believe the FE series represents a benchmark for the future of large surface visualisation and for this reason is deserving of recognition from the industry.

  • Combining precision German engineering with rigorous Japanese quality control, the NEC LED Indoor FE Series brings a sustainable, power-efficient and high-quality solution to a market beset by questionable reliability. Featuring many unique innovative solutions to challenges which traditionally plague LED technology, the FE series is the culmination of NEC’s stringent focus on delivering long-lasting reliable products and a desire to meet the true needs of the market. The FE Series is the result of an intensive product development process following NEC’s acquisition of S[quadrat] in 2018. Brought to market as a bundled solution with everything included for wall-mounted installation and instant set-up; gone is the perceived complexity of dvLED. Easing the transition of LED within the AV sector, NEC offers a standardised package solution which has been designed with the needs of the integrator at its heart, where ease of configuration and maintenance are of primary concern.
  • The FE Series is engineered with innovative and patented SMD Multi-Color LEDs for excellent image quality at low cost. NEC selects only the best batch of Multi-Color diodes which offer two key benefits: wider viewing angles and humidity proof operation.
  • Unlike competitor LEDs with a variable convex surface, NEC’s Multi-Color LEDs have a flat surface enabling a wider viewing angle of up to 160 degrees. The uniform flush surface generates an unprecedented consistency between LED batches when it comes to viewing angles, colour wavelength and brightness deviation. The special polyamide surface creates a matt finish which prevents any reflection of ambient light.
  • Corrosion due to humidity is a potential issue for surface mount LEDs. NEC’s humidity proof Multi-Color diodes are designed with a so called ‘isolation island’ whereby the crystal fixing area and common poles are isolated from the other components in the circuit to prevent the ingress of humidity and the threat of oxidization. Thus, potential corrosion is no longer an issue and the SMD lamps offer the highest operational reliability.
  • The FE Series features an all-metal chassis which brings essential advantages in terms of fire-safety, mechanical alignment and thermal management. NEC LED products are suitable for use in public spaces with excellent fire-retardancy results during fire load testing, unlike many competitor products with a plastic chassis. Described as ‘cladding’ in tender documents, video wall products require the same fire classification as construction materials. As a result, by choosing NEC LED displays, no additional investments such as a smoke evacuation or sprinkler systems for protection compensation are required, thus saving costs, saving effort and guaranteeing peace of mind.
  • High quality LED solutions typically deliver up 100,000 hours life to 50% brightness, meaning this technology can be a 10 year product. But what sets NEC apart is how it seeks ways to protect the investment over this longer time period – NEC’s pixel cards can be removed and upgraded to a finer pixel pitch, or to benefit from any future technology improvement with no requirement to reinvest in the entire wall, or to change the mounting structure. The LED modules are front-serviceable allowing installation even in difficult to access areas or extremely close to the wall with no need for heat management making it a highly versatile technology. The modules are hot-swappable, meaning they can be replaced without turning the display off thus minimising downtime.When a pixel card is replaced, chrominance and luminance calibration can be carried out to ensure continued visual uniformity over the lifetime of the product.
  • The variation in quality in the dvLED market is vast and there is currently no universal industry guideline for LED pixel defects. In line with its stringent quality control and reputation for reliable, fit-for-purpose solutions, NEC has defined its own standard for permissible pixel faults applicable to each of its dvLED series of products which sets a very high standard for LED quality.

Testimonials and references

“As a bundled product, the NEC LED FE series is so perfectly simplistic, we are able to deliver quite complex solutions for our customers thanks to its flexibility and scalability. The quality is as you would expect from NEC, manufactured in Germany with Japanese design.The product has a unique chassis design which gives a lot of flexibility, it supports the very long life-time of the technology; with inter-changeable pixel cards we can ensure our customers remain future proof. We chose the NEC FE Series for our flagship retail installations and will continue to work with NEC in the future.” Greg Bennett, Head of AV Solutions, Exertis

“A luxury car manufacturer recently selected Commco Ltd to deliver audio visual systems at their new flagship showroom in Central London.  An NEC Direct View LED Bundle was specified (FE019i2-165 LED wall) as part of the overall solution, which was Commco’s first project using dvLED technology. I was impressed with the quality of the cabinets and how quickly the LED wall installed to create a high-quality display canvas.   You can see that NEC have designed the product with quality and reliability in mind, which brings simplicity to maintain and service moving forward.” Dan Philpot, managing director, Commco Ltd




BSN.cloud is a next-generation, cloud-based digital signage platform, simplifying device deployment, and delivering network and player management and remote diagnostics. The Control Cloud, included with every player, delivers real-time player control from a remote location. Users can also subscribe to the Content Cloud for the complete set of BSN.cloud content management and publishing features.

BrightSign’s BSN.cloud delivers the industry’s most diverse digital signage ecosystem, allowing customers to select their preferred CMS from a choice of 20 leading vendors through a drop-down menu and changing their selection on a player by player basis if required.

  • The unprecedented industry support for BSN.cloud speaks volumes about the value that it brings to the digital signage ecosystem.
  • cloud is based on open APIs, allowing partners small and large to build solutions addressing the segments and niches that they have identified, creating a powerful new route to market.
  • Customers can select their preferred CMS in a drop-down menu and provision the BrightSign player or fleet of players for the chosen CMS with a few clicks of the mouse – a level of integration unique in its depth and breadth.
  • Customers can select a different CMS for each player or group of players, depending on the needs and requirements of that location.
  • Users can also choose to subscribe to the Content Cloud ($99/player/year) for the complete set of BSN.cloud content management and publishing features, including the ability to host, manage and access their library of content as well as to distribute, schedule and manage that content in a secure cloud environment.

Testimonials and references

Commenting on the integration of Carousel Cloud with BSN.cloud, JJ Parker, CEO of Carousel Digital Signage, said, “The ability to deploy this integrated solution directly through BrightSign’s BSN.cloud interface aligns with our strategy of simplifying digital signage for any customer, and for networks of any scale. Our goal is to take our customers directly from shrink wrap to digital signage, without the time and complexities of managing physical configurations on media players, or the concerns of on-site maintenance.”


One Digital Signage

Outdoor Hand Sanitiser

At One Digital Signage, now in our twentieth year of operations, we are a West Midlands-based manufacturer of high-grade digital signage products for the retail, hospitality and public sectors. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic we switched focus to develop a much-needed range of infection control solutions including LCD screen hand sanitisers and facial recognition infrared thermometers. One of these unique UK-made products, our 22” LCD Screen IP65-Rated Outdoor Hand Sanitiser Station, provides our entry for Digital Signage Innovation of the Year.

The Outdoor Hand Sanitiser solution was developed as a result of identifying and meeting the need for hand hygiene facilities in outdoor spaces. This truly unique product is now providing a solution to UK businesses that previously did not exist.

  • The solution can provide hand sanitiser facilities at the point of entry to a public/commercial space, markedly increasing a business’s ability to maintain a Covid-secure environment. It is built to do this 24/7 and in any weather with its robust IP65-rated design and climate-controlled internals.
  • Being an integrated digital signage solution, the sanitiser station is able to deliver key visitor guidance, public health and promotional messages with its 22” 1500 NIT high brightness LCD screen.
  • Along with the full range of our infection control solutions, our Outdoor Hand Sanitisers are supporting under pressure businesses in keeping customers and staff safe. Critically, this allows businesses to stay open and continue to move forward in a faltering economy that cannot afford more businesses closing.
  • The Outdoor Hand Sanitiser does not only represent a superior digital signage hardware product. It also boasts a market-leading package built around it including intuitive content management systems, powerful management/reporting software and provision of SteriZar skin-kind & zero alcohol sanitiser liquids.

Testimonials and references

In relation to the installation of our Outdoor Digital Signage Hand Sanitiser at Loyal Lodge Hotel & Pub, Halesowen:

“When we came across One Digital’s Outdoor Hand Sanitiser, we hadn’t really seen a product like it before. The combination of a hand sanitiser dispenser with a digital media unit opened up numerous possibilities for us as our business reopened after lockdown.

Because it can be installed outside, we were able to provide hand hygiene facilities at the door of our business, meaning from the moment customers walk in they’re confident we are investing in infection control and they are in a safe space. Where we have positioned the hand sanitiser outside our main entrance also means we can promote all of our menus and latest offers on the display, along with welcoming messages, which is a hugely useful marketing tool at a time when customers have been wary of returning to hospitality venues like ours.” Chad Hudson, Owner, Loyal Lodge Hotel

“One Digital Signage is one of the most exciting and relevant brands in the digital signage messaging space. The new distribution agreement will deliver significant benefits to our reseller partners and we are excited to establish this partnership and look forward to the new opportunities it will bring in the future.” Peter Dosanjh, Director of AV, Northamber PLC.



Samsung Kiosk

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer retail habits have changed and contactless customer experiences emphasizing safety and hygiene have become a necessity. In response to this, Samsung offers the PC-less, 24-inch all-in-one Kiosk. An engaging self-service display that allows businesses offer a safe, staff-free ordering experience. This product proposes a new standard for kiosks, with high quality and innovative digital technology. Samsung’s new Antimicrobial Coating technology, removes any customer concerns using the display. Furthermore, security provided by Samsung Knox keeps customer’s information safe and secure.

  • The Samsung Kiosk provides customer service, safely reimagined with a built-in and UL certified anti-microbial solution that helps protect the screen against 99.9% of bacteria. The touchscreen is infused with Antimicrobial Coating, a zinc-based additive verified to block microbial growth to keep the screen clean from germs.
  • The Samsung Kiosk features a compact design to save space and blends into any interior by removing external media player. It supports three types of installation – countertop, floor stand and wall-mounting.
  • The kiosk features device management with Samsung Remote Management solution, which includes remote monitoring to check the operating status and the status of the kiosk. This remote-control feature reduces maintenance site visits.
  • The product provides a convenient in-store experience with all necessary devices built-in including a printer, card reader/PIN pad and QR/barcode scanner to eliminate additional assembly. Owners can connect additional devices such as vibration bells and queueing management as well as NFC tagging.
  • The PC-less Samsung Kiosk is highly reliable and has an advanced security system supported by the powerful Samsung Knox.

Testimonials and references

“After introducing the Samsung Kiosk to many of Fiserv’s business partners and merchant owners, the feedback unanimously is that it is the most competitive self-ordering kiosk on the market. With its antimicrobial coating technology for enhanced customer protection, and compact PC-less design, partners and owners are eagerly anticipating shipment in Q1 2021.” Jongyoon Kim, VP and General manager of Fiserv Korea