• Tuesday , 19 January 2021

Education Technology Innovation of the Year


weConnect (hybrid) virtual classroom

Barco collaborated with the world’s leading business schools, universities and corporate learning and development departments, to develop a powerful learning solution. weConnect is a subscription-based online learning solution that allows educational organizations to take a next step towards transformational teaching and training. Its capabilities easily surpass those of video conferencing tools used today with an innovative and differentiating experience that delivers new levels of engagement, collaboration and active learning for learners on-site and remote. As the pace of digitization is accelerating every day, weConnect is an essential and reliable corner stone of your digital strategy.

Testimonials and references

  • “While there are different platforms out there that are being used for meetings and conferences, we didn’t feel they were optimal for use with executives,” says Marchi. “They were designed as meeting or conference platforms. They weren’t designed to be teaching platforms.”
  • “What I really appreciate is the ability to be myself in a classroom as opposed to sitting in front of a computer screen,” says Bleak. “It affords the opportunity to engage with participants like they are there and use my physicality to create connections. That’s a critical thing in our virtual environment.”
  • “Clients are saying it’s far more cost-effective, they’re not having to incur lodging and ensuing expenses. So I see it as a permanent addition to what we have previously been offering.” – https://www.barco.com/en/customer-stories/2020/q2/university_college_london
  • “There are many platforms to connect, but we have found that we can use Barco’s system in a way that is not possible with other technologies. The way teachers and students can interact is unparalleled.”
  • “Students often get signed off at the end and they are told they can progress to the next stage of their training. But with Barco’s weConnect, we can do this in a more digital way. We get the data to assess them in real time and to say we know this person is quality assured and can move on to the next stage of their training.” – https://www.barco.com/en/news/2020-11-18-hybrid-and-remote-learning-us-highed-institutions-speak-outUS higher education on why they choose weConnect for (hybrid)virtual classrooms.


Genee Group

G-Touch 4K Plus Screen

Genee have a strong knowledge in the education sector and has designed a number of solutions best suited to helping teachers spend more time teaching. The new screen has been designed with the future in mind, offering useful tools that allow teachers to deliver engaging lessons.

  • Innovative technology, software and solutions that open up a world of new learning materials
  • Technology is put through a rigorous research, development and testing programme to ensure only the highest quality products are manufactured and supplied to all our customers around the world.
  • Offering constant updates and research to find the best solution during these unprecedented times, with in-house support always on hand.
  • We have a Covid risk assessment and procedure for site surveys, installations and on-site training and have established full online virtual training sessions, which can either be one-to-one or group based.
  • One of our core products Project Flow, is a cloud-based lesson delivery tool like no other, allowing presentations, activities, questions and work to be sent directly to student devices.

Testimonials and references

“We were so pleased with the end result that we decided, as part of our ICT development plan, to have more interactive touch screens fitted in school.” Sharon Barrett Old Hall Special School

“The customer service from your support team as a whole has been fantastic…We will be sure to carry on doing business with you in the future.” Joshua Blakemore, IT Technician Beacon Primary School



EZWrite Live

The Covid-19 pandemic thrust nearly one billion students into remote learning. Released in May 2020, BenQ’s EZWrite Live is a free, cloud-based interactive whiteboard and lecture broadcasting software that streamlines classroom discussions and makes it more intuitive than ever for teachers and students to bring the classroom online. Free and accessible on any browser, EZWrite Live provides access to BenQ’s cutting-edge education solutions without the demand for any specific hardware setup or the purchase of expensive software licenses, allowing disadvantaged school systems to navigate the disruption due to Covid-19 more easily. EZWrite Live transforms remote learning through one intuitive platform.

  • EZ Write Live allows teachers and students to collaborate from any location, on any device, in real-time. Sharing the same screen, they can annotate in tandem on the same documents, ensuring those learning from home have the same great experience as those in the classroom.
  • All materials are saved in the cloud so teachers can easily access them from any classroom device. This allows teachers to access files from where ever they are and send documents, homework and communications to their students all in one place, streamlining the education process.
  • Students at all curriculum levels can use their own device to collaborate with the class, without needing to move from their seats or touch the same hardware as someone else. This is great for creating a Covid safe classroom whilst increasing interactivity and engagement.
  • With EZWrite’s Floating Tool, teachers can capture shots of anything on the screen, including content from apps, websites and videos, import the content into EZWrite for further discussion and annotate on a new page.
  • Teachers can record lectures including the use of third-party apps and audio, making sure that students don’t miss anything and have materials always accessible to watch back.

Testimonials and references

“The BenQ EZWrite software, built into their interactive flat panels, is a great tool for front of class display, as well as interactive class activities. As an RE teacher, I have often wanted to show connections between ideas, give visual cues for students and make note of ideas and instructions from the front of the room. This software takes the static and often teacher-led activity of whiteboarding and puts it into the hands of the students in the room.” Ben Whitaker – Curriculum Manager, Burnley College & Director @ Edufuturists.


Solstice Active Learning

Solstice Active Learning provides software-based video routing for multi-screen environments, such as active learning rooms, overflow spaces, confidence monitors, and training rooms. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to virtually design rooms in minutes and route video in real-time all using the Solstice Active Learning app. As a software-enabled technology, Solstice Active Learning provides a flexible and affordable solution for educators to easily route video and broadcast messages within multi-screen environments to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Unlike hardware-based solutions, Solstice does not require expensive AV control programming, making it easier to design, deploy, reconfigure, and scale multi-screen environments.

  • Solstice Active Learning’s software-based approach is more affordable and flexible than hardware-based solutions, allowing schools to deploy a greater number of active learning spaces, add new team tables, or reconfigure existing rooms without incurring additional design and build costs.
  • Solstice Active Learning supports hybrid classroom and workplace environments through (1) a touchless BYOD design that enables socially-distanced collaboration through the devices that students bring into the room, (2) video routing to support overflow spaces and divisible rooms, and (3) remote participation extended through Solstice Conference.
  • Video routing options provide the flexibility to accommodate different teaching styles and learning needs: one-to-one routing provides teams with peer to peer guidance; multiple-to-one routing enables comparative analysis of various teams’ work on a single display; and one-to-many routing allows the facilitator to focus the entire classroom on a single topic.
  • Solstice Active Learning’s on-demand messaging feature helps educators guide students through lesson plans, enabling efficient communication between instructors and team tables.
  • Solstice Active Learning was developed in close dialogue with premier educators, universities, and educational institutions around the world to ensure that it meets the needs of the educational community and has been adopted by universities around the world.



VIA Campus2 Plus

 VIA Campus² PLUS is a simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration solution to facilitate increased interactivity and engagement in hybrid education environments. From their own device, teachers can display or stream 4K high–quality content and play YouTube videos in full frame rate, launch a VC session of their choice on the VIA Campus2 Plus and see all participants on one display, while using a secondary display to share their lesson’s content. Students can, from any personal device, instantly and in real-time, view, edit and comment on shared documents, under the supervision of the session Moderator when required.

  • Wireless Connectivity is easily facilitated through built in WiFi. A 4K@60 HDMI wired input enables flexible hard–wiring from computers or other compatible devices such as a document camera or a multimedia player.
  • VIA Campus² PLUS features iOS mirroring via AirPlay™, Windows and Android mirroring – via Miracast™, as well as ChromeBook mirroring.
  • VIA Campus² PLUS is compatible with leading operating systems and supports popular 3rd party conferencing and office apps including Microsoft Office®, Zoom®, GoToMeeting®, Microsoft Teams® or WebEx®, offering a smooth remote learning experience when needed.
  • Cloud–Based File Sharing allows users to drag and drop files to the internal VIA storage or to any shared network drive, so documents are accessible from any sign on location, streamlining the teaching process for educators.
  • The solution can handle any size collaboration or meeting space and is ideal for training venues and classrooms. The RTMP streaming to live servers allows the expansion of the session beyond the physical limitations of the room.

Testimonials and references

“Kramer’s solution brought teachers back to the classroom, to the natural place. Technology has created a convenient and natural bridge for learning between the teacher and the capsules in the classroom and at home”- Limora Z. – School Director

“The use of the system is easy and convenient, and the lesson is delivered to the students perfectly. The most suitable solution for the days of the Corona and after “- Michael N. – Mathematics teacher

“Delivering a lesson in the special education classes when some of the students are in the class and some are quarantined at home is a new situation for both the teachers and the students. Dealing with it was impossible in the past and is becoming today a reality, even for special classes, thanks to this easy to use classroom”- Lydia C. Special education teacher.